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Use of Electronic Devices
As provided in the Etiquette Section, players should ensure that any
electronic device taken onto the course does not distract other players.
The use of an electronic device such as a mobile phone, hand-held
computer, calculator, television or radio is not of itself a breach of Rule 14-3.
For example, the following uses of an electronic device during a stipulated
round are not a breach of the Rules:
* Using the device for matters unrelated to golf (e.g. to call home);
* Using the device to access information on advice-related matters that
was produced prior to the start of the player’s round (e.g. an electronic
yardage book, swing tips);
* Using the device to access (but not interpret or process) playing
information from previous rounds (e.g. driving distances, individual club
yardages, etc); or
* Using the device to obtain information related to the competition being
played (e.g. the leader board or projected “cut”).

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