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Antaisiko tämä jotakin näkökulmaa tuohon kysymykseen pelaajan velvollisuudesta?

27-2c/3 Provisional Ball Played from Point Nearer Hole Than Original Ball Because Player Erroneously Thought Original Ball, Which Was Visible, Was Out of Bounds

Q. A player’s ball came to rest 20 yards over a green and beyond a white stake which the player’s caddie said was a boundary stake. The player played a provisional ball which came to rest short of the green, but closer to the hole than his original ball. The player played the provisional ball onto the green. At that point, he walked behind the green towards his original ball, which had been visible all along, and discovered that the white stake was not a boundary stake and that his original ball was in bounds. What is the ruling?

A. The player should have determined the status of his original ball before playing a second stroke with the provisional ball and, since the original ball was not out of bounds, he should have abandoned the provisional ball. When he failed to do so, the second stroke with the provisional ball was a stroke with a wrong ball — Rule 27-2c.

In match play, the player lost the hole (Rule 15-3a).

In stroke play, he incurred a two-stroke penalty (Rule 15-3b) and was required to hole out with the original ball.