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TM:n uusi draiveri

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    Taylor Maden pitkään huhutusta uudesta draiverista on tullut vihdoin kunnon tietoa. Ohessa specsejä ko. mailan japsiversiosta. Eurooppaan ja Jenkkeihin toimitettavat mallit voivat poiketa japsimallista. Ko. maila pitäisi tulla Tour-versiona päätoureille aivan lähiaikoina. TaylorMade R7 Quad That is the New Name. 400CC, HI COR (JN Version), 8.5/9.5/10.5, 2 shafts; M. Rayon 50gram and Fujikura 60gram. Total weight 305-323grams. Weight ports are not parallel to the face plane but rather are recessed in ports that run parallel to the sole plane. Might take a bit of time to get used to the looks! Released in Japan Apr 04. 4 weight ports. Two 10 Gram and two 2 Gram TLC (TaylorMade Launch Control)weight cartridges provided along with wrench and wrench case. Cool part was the wrench is torque clutched so you can’t strip it when installing the weights. This is what will be offered initially. However, after some point in time, TM will offer the option of buying additional 10 and 2 gram weight inserts PLUS weight inserts of varying size (weight). Advertised with the 4 weights in 6 diff configurations: Weight Position 1: CG aft almost center: High Angle, Low Back Spin, Slight Left Side Spin. Weight Position 2: CG fwd: Low Angle, Low Back Spin, Slight Right Side Spin. Weight Position 3: CG mid-aft & towards heel: Mid Angle, Mid Back Spin, Left Side Spin. Weight Position 4: CG mid-aft & towards center: Mid Angle, Mid Back Spin, Left Side spin but not as much as position 3. Weight Position 5: CG mid-aft and towards center but on toe side of center line; Mid Angle, Mid Back Spin, Moderate Right Side Spin (amount same as Position 4 but right). Weight Position 6: CG mid-aft & towards toe; Mid Angle, Mid Back Spin, Right Side Spin. JN Model is non USGA conforming and has the word MAX on the upper toe of face. US USGA Conforming model has the R7 Logo in the same position on the face. Face has scoring lines on the left and right but not in the middle of the face. MAS 7 50 Plus Shaft (Mitsubishi Rayon) S, SR,R Flex. MAS 7 65 Tour Shaft (Fujikura), X and S Flex. All models are 59 Deg Lie, 400CC, 45 Inch. Left Model offered in 9.5 and 10.5 Only. Driver also comes with a pretty wild looking Black and Red Headcover with Yellow Piping. Trajectory Wheel also included to assist you in the placement of the weights. No Ridges on the head. TM Logo at center/aim point on crown/face interface. DEEP Face. Inverted Cone technology as in previous models. Not Dual Faced.

Esillä 1 viesti (kaikkiaan 1)
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