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Banaaneja tulee vedeltyä aika reippain ottein tällä haavaa. Lyönnit ovat samanalaisia kuin pöydän alla kasvaneen entisen miehen ruumiinrakenne; yhtä leveitä kuin pitkiäkin.

Näin Tiikerin exä, herra B. Harmon antaa vinkkiä meille hehtaaripyssyille :

By Butch Harmon

Golf Digest Teaching Professional

Golf Digest

’ The most common cause of slicing is cutting across the ball on an outside-to-inside swing path with the clubface open to that path. This results from taking the club back to the inside, then coming ’over the top’ — re-routing the club to the outside.

My favorite cure for coming over the top was inspired by Jim Furyk’s swing, which is unusual but effective. Jim, as you can see in the photos below, takes the club back on an outside path. Then from the top he loops the club well to the inside. By attacking the ball from the inside, Jim can hit a power fade by maintaining a slightly open clubface and ’pushing’ the ball out to the right. If he wants to hit a draw, he rotates the face to a slightly closed position.

For this drill, place a club on the ground outside of your ball and parallel with the target line. In slow motion, take the club straight back along the club on the ground, and turn to the top of the backswing. Now drop the club onto a flatter plane so it tracks into the ball on an inside path — note the orange line Jim is following below (on left).

Get the feeling? Repeat several times, and watch your slice disappear. ’

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