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Night Driver kirjoitti: (22.7.2014 16:16:20)

gf67 kirjoitti: (22.7.2014 16:13:18)
Kun en tiedä onko tuo Audi-kesäkiertue ammattilaisille. Jos on niin hyvä on.Jos taasen on amatöörikilpailu , niin silloinhan kaverista tulee automaattisesti ammattilainen.

Ei taida tulla ammattilaista mutta amatöörioikeudet kyllä menee.


b. Hole-in-One Prizes
An amateur golfer may accept a prize in excess of the limit in Rule 3-2a, including a cash prize, for a hole-in-one made while playing a round of golf.
Note: The hole-in-one must be made during a round of golf and be incidental to that round. Separate multiple-entry contests, contests conducted other than on a golf course (e.g. on a driving range or golf simulator) and putting contests do not qualify under this provision and are subject to the restrictions and limits in Rules 3-1 and 3-2a.