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’Confused Finnish man injured in late night attack on Jomtien Beach.

A Police Patrol Unit based at Dongtan Police Sub-station on Jomtien Beach were on routine patrol along the beach late on Sunday night when they noticed a foreign man, covered in blood sitting on the beach. They approached him and led him across the road where he was offered a glass of water and medical assistance. He was clearly in an intoxicated state and it was proving difficult for the officers to communicate with him. All that we know is he is of Finnish Nationality and what we don’t know is why his face was in such a damaged state. He was eventually persuaded to seek medical assistance and the rescue workers transported him to hospital. Police theorize he was attacked by someone or a group on the beach as he was not carrying any possessions which were probably stolen. Police are waiting for the victim to sober-up before they continue their investigation into this case.’

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